Polhemus Partner Highlight: IST: The MotionMonitor®

Posted: May 02, 2018

Polhemus Partner Highlight: IST: The MotionMonitor® image

Polhemus Partner Highlight

IST (Innovative Sports Training) and The MotionMonitor®

Are you an engineer? Physical therapist? Medical doctor? An athletic trainer? Neuroscientist? If any of these titles resonate with you and you require tracking movement of the human body, you may want to take a closer look at IST (Innovative Sports Training) and their innovative software, The MotionMonitor®.

At Polhemus, occasionally we like to highlight our partners to recognize best-in-class work. IST is a long-time partner at the top of the list. Creators of The MotionMonitor® software platform, IST specializes in the biomechanics industry, delivering sophisticated software that’s a great complement to Polhemus hardware tracking solutions.

By combining The MotionMonitor® with Polhemus motion tracking sensors, users can benefit from a total solution, with both the software and hardware capabilities needed for delivering full 6DOF tracking data for human movement. IST caters to a broad range of research, clinical and ergonomic applications.

More About The MotionMonitor® Team

Whether you need to measure shoulder movement, gait analysis, or the reach and grasp movements of hands, The MotionMonitor team can provide consultation on the appropriate hardware and software for your unique needs. They have a seasoned staff of experts, who have been providing the research community with solutions since 1994. The MotionMonitor team understands the requirement of student-friendly data collection, diverse faculty interests, unique research requirements, and the need for reliable and knowledgeable technical support. When it comes to solutions for human movement, The MotionMonitor® team are truly biomechanics SME’s (Subject Matter Experts).

The MotionMonitor team understands the requirement of student-friendly data collection, diverse faculty interests, unique research requirements, and the need for reliable and knowledgeable technical support.

Software—Easy to Use

The MotionMonitor® software is designed to meet the customer at their level, wherever that may be. That means if you need a simple software package to collect and analyze a basic data set, the software interface is user-friendly enough to capture what you need and nothing more.

No programming experience is needed for this, as user controls are displayed with radio buttons and pre-programmed drop-down menus. On the other hand, The MotionMonitor® handles complex applications which could require multiple data sources, user-defined computations, real-time feedback and virtual reality with ease.


One of the unique aspects of The MotionMonitor® is the focus on full-frame, real-time data collection. This ability allows synchronization of data from several different inputs, such as force data, EMG, eye-tracking, and virtual reality to be synchronously collected, along with Polhemus sensor data. This provides a complete picture of the subject, allowing the user to easily analyze how the subject’s movement correlates with their brain activity, eye movement, and muscle recruitment, as well as external forces acting on the body.

The MotionMonitor® software is compatible with the following Polhemus motion tracking systems:

LIBERTY™    1-16 Sensors, High-Fidelity

FASTRAK®   1-4 Sensors, Robust

G4™              1-3 Sensors, Wireless

PATRIOT™    1-2 Sensors, Portable

The Future of IST and MotionMonitor®

IST’s latest software release, The MotionMonitor® xGen, allows them to combine different types of motion capture technology, creating a unique hybrid motion capture system, and a more seamless process than ever. Customization is a key part of their latest offerings, as they seek to meet the demand for packaging total solutions for specific applications.

With IST’s software innovations, they plan to expand their efforts to include broader markets, bringing research-grade data solutions to clinical settings, athletics, and additional erergonomic applications.

(Cover image compliments of IST, The MotionMonitor).

For more information on The MotionMonitor, visit: www.TheMotionMonitor.com

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