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Polhemus provides head tracking solutions for both the commercial and military market, and there is no company more qualified to do so. We pioneered the original AC electromagnetic head trackers in the late 1960's and have advanced the technology in tracking excellence ever since.

Other technologies attempt to blend outputs from more than one singularly limited tracking reference to compile a synthetic position and orientation solution. Polhemus magnetic innovations are light years ahead of even the best optical inertial hybrid trackers.

Today's magnetic tracking systems have come a long way--they are the absolute best head trackers available and offer a clear advantage over emerging hybrid technologies. We've been perfecting head tracking for over 50 years.

Flight Tested. Pilot Approved.

Although any of our trackers can be utilized as a head tracker, our latest head/helmet tracker is SCOUT--the world's only 6DOF self contained head tracker.

SCOUT is the premier head tracker, as it offers unprecedented ease of integration, accuracy, and simplicity for both real and simulated aircraft cockpits and ground vehicles.

We are proud to offer our customers the low risk, high minimal cockpit mounted equipment, no line-of-sight limitations and an ultra small lightweight and embeddable helmet sensor. SCOUT is currently in full rate production and is fielded and flying on A-10, F-16, C-130 aircraft. It's the trusted choice for world-class pilots. Learn more about SCOUT.

Whether you need head tracking for a virtual reality application, a training and simulation system, a ground vehicle, or in the air for top pilots, Polhemus has a variety of head tracking solutions.

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