Scanning and Digitizing Overview

Scanning and Digitizing Overview image

3D Laser Scanning Just Got Easier. And Faster.

Polhemus offers 3D laser scanning and digitizing products that serve a wide variety of applications. Markets we serve are healthcare, the military, and research and commercial applications. Our proprietary 6DOF electromagnetic technology is embedded in our scanning products, allowing you to instantly digitize 3D shapes with a few sweeps of a hand-held wand.

Polhemus scanning technology enables the perfect scanning solution for creating custom fit orthotics and prosthetics. 

Our 3D laser scanner has proved instrumental in important preservation work in restoration and archaeology. Also, rapid prototyping has never been easier; our scanning products have also become a trusted solution in 3D archiving and in the animation industry.

If you need specific points measured, our digitizing products are a great solution. Using the same proprietary electromagnetic 6DOF technology, a stylus wand, combined with one of our tracking systems, becomes a free-form digitizer. With a few simple clicks, you can measure both coordinates with the stylus tip, as well as orientation.

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