Scanning Research Studies

Polhemus 3D laser scanners have been used in ground breaking research projects around the world. Our scanners utilize our proprietary electromagnetic motion tracking technology. Below is a sample of research studies using our 3D laser scanning products.

  • 3D Modeling of Geological Fossils and Ores by Combining High Resolution Textures with 3D Scanning
    The FastSCAN was used to help build a geological digital museum. The key issue in the modeling procedure is the visual realism of the models, which requires accurate digital representation of both the geometrical shapes and surface attributes, including surface textures and color. 
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  • Polhemus Handheld Laser Scanner used for Palentology : A 3D Model of a Plesiosaur Fossil 
    The application of 3D laser scanning to Palentology could prove invaluable for creating, cataloguing and sharing cirtual copies of fossil material over vast distances, while preserving the original specimen. 
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  • Point-wise Assessment of 3D Computer Reconstruction of Mitral Leaflet. Surfaces from Rotationally Scanned Echocardiograms in Vitro.
    3D echocardiography offers great promise for improving the understanding of mitral leaflet pathology, planning operations, and assessing surgical results.
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