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6DOF Embeddable Sensors. One Sensor Does Not Fit All.

Polhemus offers a wide variety of 6DOF electromagnetic motion tracking sensors. After decades of progressive research and development, we continue to bring the latest in AC electromagnetic sensors to market.

We've offered the Standard Sensor for over 50 years, perfecting it over time, and we offer many other sensor options. Perhaps the Flat-Sided Mini is the perfect sensor for your application, or maybe you require the smallest sensors that can be inserted into a catheter; our Micro Sensor 1.8 is the perfect solution. No matter which sensor you choose, all sensors are fully embeddable into your custom form factor, with no line-of-sight restrictions.

We cater to many different applications and when it comes to sensors; we know one size does not fit all. Learn more about sensor options:

Key Features

  •   Measures position and orientation
  •   Embeddable in custom form factors
  •   Easily attachable
  •   Wired and wireless options
  •   High precision accuracy
  •   Update rates up to 240Hz

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Not sure which sensor is right for you? Sometimes it starts with the type of sensor you need. Or it may start with the type of tracking system. Let's talk about your project.