FASTRAK Digitizer

Polhemus Patriot Digitizer

High-End Digitizers with a Cost Effective Price

Polhemus is the gold standard for digitizing products in the market. Our digitizers are easy-to-use with systems that allow you to move freely--around, under and behind objects--and have the capability to digitize both big and small items. You can digitize everything from engineering prototypes to artwork to EEG localization. The pinpoint accurate stylus is tracked by using Polhemus proprietary technology, utilizing AC Electromagnetics. We offer high-end, full 6DOF digitizers that won't break your budget.


We deliver unmatched accuracy with system options that are easy to set up and ultra-portable. That's why we're widely recognized around the world as the "go-to" for digitizing products.

Hand/Foot Switch Digitizer Optional Accessory

We made digitizing even easier--with the click of a button. The hand/foot switch option allows the user to quickly and smoothly capture data points in 3D, while using the stylus. It can be used by hand or foot to accurately capture 6DOF points while eliminating unwanted movement of the stylus tip.

Ideal for applications that require extreme precision, the hand/foot switch alleviates concern about any slight movement when the stylus is clicked. It can be used in a variety of applications, including EEG localization and much more.


Key Features of the Digitizer

  • Digitize Freely
    Capture data in hard to reach places without the use of any optical markers or a mechanical arm.
  • Capture Data Points for Large Objects
    With a standard range of 5 feet radius digitize items as large as a kayak, furniture, or a kitchen counter top.
  • Cost Effective Solution
    This easy to use digitizer provides a full 6DOF solution at an unbeatable value
  • Easy Set Up
    The system is factory calibrated and installs in just minutes using a standard PC and either a USB or RS-232 port

For a PDF of the brochure with full Fastrak Digitizer specifications, click here.


  • Neuroscience
  • EEG Localization                                                                      
  • CAD for Creating 3D Files
  • Botany and Agricultural Studies

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