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Motion Tracking Overview
Wireless Motion Trackers
G4 Motion Tracker
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Patriot Wireless
Liberty Latus
Motion Tracking Applications
Motion Tracking Case Studies
Case Study: G4 Used in Virtusphere Locomotion System
Case Study: G4™ Tracker - Seamless System Integration
Case Study: Polhemus Wireless Tracking Used For Augmented Reality
Case Study: LIBERTY™ LATUS™ Used For Helicopter Trainer
Case Study: Neuroscience Application Powered by Polhemus Trackers
Case Study: Polhemus Powers VR Tool Used to Train Painters
Case Study: Motion Capture System for Hand Tracking Using Polhemus System
Case Study: Biomechanics Analysis: IST Integrates Polhemus LIBERTY™
Case Study: US Olympic Gymnastics Study Using Polhemus Tracking Technology
Case Study: US Olympic Committee Uses Polhemus LIBERTY Tracker
Case Study: Assisting Olympic Weightlifting via Motion Tracking at the U.S. Olympic Training Center
Case Study: Using Posture and Behavior to Inform Affective Computers by Predicting Human Intention
Case Study: PATRIOT™ Tracks the Positioning of Ultrasound Probe for Training and Simulation System
Case Study: SimSurgery® Finds Success with SEP Simulator—Powered by Polhemus PATRIOT™
Case Study: SimSpray Virtual Reality Tool Uses Polhemus Trackers to Train Painters
Case Study: Polhemus PATRIOT™ Beats Competition for Virtual Reality Application
Case Study: Polhemus PATRIOT™ used in a chair based interface, chairIO, for Virtual Environments
Case Study: China’s Agriculture Studies Use Fastrak®
Case Study: Motion Trackers Enable Measurement of the Effectiveness of Brain Stimulation Therapy
Case Study: Compumedics NeuroScan & Polhemus’ FASTRAK® enables Neuroimaging for Medical Research
Case Study: Polhemus Tracking System Used in Biomechanics Research
Case Study: Polhemus FASTRAK used for Position/Orientation Tracking in the VR Haptic Workstation
Case Study: The Fakespace ImmersaDesk M1 Harnesses the Power of the Polhemus FASTRAK®
Case Study: The Johnson Center for Virtual Reality: Industrial Training Simulations
Case Study: Vermont Air National Guard Uses Polhemus SCOUT™ in F-16 Simulators and Virtual Airfield
Motion Tracking Research Studies
Motion Tracking Selection Guide

Scanning/Digitzing Overview
Patriot Digitizer
Scanning/Digitzing Applications
Scanning Case Studies
Case Study: FastSCAN™ Part of Study to Improve Crop Yields
Case Study: FastSCAN™ was a Critical Tool in This Unique and Complex Restoration Woodworking Project
Case Study: New Wave Woodworking Inc. and Polhemus FastSCAN™
Case Study: Mixed Media Artist Uses FastSCAN™ & Rapid Prototyping to Replicate Art Collection
Case Study: Joint Mongolian-Smithosonian Deer Stone Project using the Polhemus FastSCAN™
Case Study: Gentle Giant Studios Chooses the Polhemus FastSCAN™
Case Study: FastSCAN™ Lets You Race Through Reverse Engineering
Case Study: Polhemus FastSCAN™ used in The Lord of the Rings!
Case Study: Polhemus 3D Scanner Used In Movie Character Animation
Case Study: Polhemus 3D Laser Scanner Enables Perfect Prosthetic Fit
Case Study: Polhemus FastSCAN Digitizes World Renowned Sculptures
Case Study: FastSCAN™ Cobra™ Takes Breedlove Guitars into the 21st Century
3D CAD Case Study: Modeling 3D Data in SolidWorks
Case Study: Polhemus Technology Used in New Zealand Fisheries Research
Animation Case Study: Formthotic Advertising
3D Web Case Study: The Virtual Frigate
Scanning Research Studies

Eye Tracking Overview
Eye Tracking Applications
Eye Tracking Research Studies

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