Expanding Motion Tracking Coverage with Multiple Sources

Posted: February 09, 2021

Expanding Motion Tracking Coverage with Multiple Sources image

Expanding Area of Motion Tracking Coverage

When it comes to motion tracking, one thing to consider is the possibility for expanding your area of coverage. Thinking about this on the front end of your project may save you headaches later when your application set-up gets altered, or when you decide for one reason or another to expand your tracking range. This consideration applies to any tracking application, such as motion tracking, head tracking, hand and finger tracking, gait analysis, or any environment where movement is being tracked.

When deciding how much area of coverage you will require, you’ll want to consider your data accuracy requirements. For example, in a hand tracking scenario, do you need to know where someone’s hand position and orientation is in a general area, or do you need your tracking data to be at a higher precision level, such as sub-millimeter accuracy? What is the level of tracking accuracy necessary for your specific application? What is your accuracy tolerance?

As you consider your accuracy needs and review motion tracking solutions, keep in mind the scalability of your system. Polhemus AC electromagnetic tracking provides a lot of flexibility for expanding the area of coverage, while maintaining high levels of precision accuracy. Specifically, our latest product, VIPER™, offers a great solution for easily expanding tracking coverage, while not compromising in other areas, such as quality of data and accuracy.

Go Farther. How to Expand the Area of Tracking Coverage

VIPER makes it easy to expand the area of coverage to create a larger tracking envelope. By simply adding components, the tracking area can be broadened and expanded to do more and track farther. Simply add a second source for twice the tracking range. Use up to four sources to achieve the maximum coverage expansion with the VIPER system. Expanding the area of coverage, using multiple sources, has never been easier.

With the Polhemus VIPER tracking solution, you don’t have to compromise; there’s no need to trade off increasing your tracking range for a downgrade in accuracy and tracking performance. You truly get the best of both worlds. As long as you stay within the signal range of the tracker, you will have seamless streams of data without “dead zones” or special areas of interruption.

For more information on applicable range specifications or expanding area of coverage, please contact our Motion Tracking Expert team! Contact: sales@polhemus.com