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Market Overview

The future of healthcare technology is full of applications that value motion tracking and localization measurement. The latest advancements now allow for instantaneous feedback from high accuracy, embeddable, sensors that do not require line-of-sight in order to track continuously. Tiny magnetic sensors are now available for use in countless procedures requiring medium to very high accuracy (VHA) performance while installed inside catheter-sized instruments and one-time use devices. 

Limitless possibilities -- synchronize CT or MRI images with the patient’s actual position, monitor respiratory gaiting and other real-time movements with our latest tracking capabilities for motion measurement and precise localization.  We value partnerships that achieve collective advancements in healthcare and are proud to offer our tracking technology in both OEM custom packaging as well as off-the-shelf product lines.

Who We Serve

Our motion trackers have a wide variety of uses in healthcare applications, including: ultrasound simulators, training and simulation for surgery, clinical applications, EEG localization, laser ablation, and more. Polhemus trackers are also used in the rehabilitation and physical therapy market, combining state-of-the-art techniques with virtual reality technology.

Our sensors are embeddable, and our motion trackers are the preferred choice for leaders in healthcare simulation.

In addition to tracking, our FastSCAN 3D laser scanning products have enabled areas within healthcare to be taken to the next level. Prosthetics and orthotics professionals choose our trusted scanner because it's easy to use, portable, and amputee patients report that because of our scanning technology, "their socket has a perfectly close and intimate fit."

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With over 50 years of experience, our customer and partner list is long; below is a sample of a few of our valued customers.