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Polhemus offers a wide variety of motion trackers. View our entire line of tracking products below. Visit product pages for more information, including product specifications and pricing.

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Our highest fidelity tracker. Lightning speed tracking. 960Hz update rate. Latency as low as one millisecond!

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G4™ Wireless Motion Tracker and Digitizing Stylus

G4 is a wireless motion tracking system that delivers full 6DOF tracking, providing both position and orientation without hybrid technologies.

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PATRIOT is the perfect cost effective, full 6DOF motion tracking solution for applications requiring up to two sensors.

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The latest revolution in head tracking, SCOUT is in full rate production, providing the HMCS Accuracy in Live Military Aircraft.

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High speed, industry leading accuracy, and scalable. Updating at 240Hz per second, full 6DOF with virtually no latency.

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Liberty™ Latus™

The LIBERTY LATUS provides the perfect 6DOF solution for tracking applications that require coverage over a large area.

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Patriot™ Wireless

Full 6DOF wireless tracking, this product provides consistent, high-quality tracking data while being completely untethered.

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FASTRAK set the gold standard in motion tracking years ago, and remains a top seller. This 6DOF product is an award-winning tracker.

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