New HMIT Based Tracker Available Now, SCOUT 3: The Best Just Got Better.

Posted: January 22, 2015

COLCHESTER, VT--- (January 22, 2015) Polhemus, the leader in high accuracy helmet mounted tracker systems, announces the SCOUT™ 3 - the most robust and highest performing helmet tracker now being offered. 

Available for order now, the SCOUT 3 builds upon the highly touted accuracy of the SCOUT™ magnetic tracker used in the United States HMIT program and other flight programs. Carrying forward the same attractive form, fit and function of the original SCOUT, the SCOUT 3 maintains the same small physical size and includes advanced EMI immunity, exceptionally large pilot motion box capability, and advanced computational power for the fastest updates and highest accuracies.

Keith Hanf, Director of Engineering at Polhemus, spoke about the latest iteration of SCOUT. “We started designing SCOUT 3 with a focus on meeting new EMI requirements and once we accomplished that, we added our latest upgrades. This allows for a simple and straight-forward banana bar part replacement.” The inclusion of the now built-in advanced feature sets allow for systematic improvements without risking a compromise to the combat success the HMIT system, in particular, has already experienced.”

 "We could not put our customers in the overly burdensome position of modifying their Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems with anything other than a simple and straight-forward part swap on the banana bar tracker assembly in order to achieve the SCOUT 3 advantages." said Skip Rodgers, Polhemus President. "An upgrade effort needs to offer the best performance available and do so without shifting risk to the military community. SCOUT 3 builds upon the proven tracking technology currently fielded and combat tested.  As a U.S. company, it makes us very proud to offer our best to the United States war fighters who protect our great nation." 

SCOUT 3 was designed to be future-forward with built-in features that can be leveraged as customer needs change. For example, SCOUT 3 can output at speeds of 480Hz (twice that of SCOUT), 240Hz, or at a user defined rate that matches their IG capabilities. These output rates and the built-in predictive filtering allow for latency reduction across the entire HMCS system - all designed to eliminate symbology over/undershoot relative to what the pilot is actually looking at. 

Rodgers notes, "Pilots value symbology that does not lag the real-time world they are flying in. Not only does SCOUT 3 provide the tools to optimize the cueing system for real-world conditions (referring to the new prediction and synchronization capabilities), it offers the path forward for higher accuracy requirements as well as countless other computational feature sets.  All at low cost both in terms of dollars and customer effort” (referring to lack of change required to aircraft A or B kits, tech orders and drawings).

SCOUT 3 units are available for evaluation now and orders are currently being accepted.  For more information, contact the Sales Department directly at or call 1-800-357-4777 toll-free in US/Canada. For countries outside the US, call 1-802-655-3159. Visit our web site at:

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