Polhemus Announces a Standard Two Year Warranty on All 6 Degree-of-Freedom Tracking Products

Posted: April 29, 2004

COLCHESTER, VT (April 29, 2004)----Effective May 1, 2004, Polhemus, the industry leader in 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) motion capture, tracking and digitizing technologies is proud to announce a standard two year warranty for all the 6DOF tracking products which include the LIBERTY™ series, the PATRIOT™ and the workhorse of the industry, FASTRAK®

Having been in business since 1969 and ISO 9001 certified since December 2000, Polhemus has had the opportunity to fine-tune all aspects of engineering and manufacturing to produce products of the absolute highest quality. Each system is run through a battery of tests in order to meet a rigid standard of requirements before ever leaving the facility. This ensures that each customer receives a product that will not only work right out of the box, but for years to come. 

"The new standard two year warranty highlights our commitment to manufacture products of the highest quality possible. Our repair rate is so low it only makes sense to pass these savings on to our customer base," said Allan Rodgers, president and CEO. "We appreciate their business and confidence, which has helped us maintain the leadership role in driving the advancement of 6 DOF tracking technology." 

Current Polhemus tracking products include: LIBERTY, a one- to eight-sensor system with a speed of 240 Hz per sensor, distortion detection, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), scalability and improved signal to noise ratios which provide consistent high quality data; PATRIOT, a two-sensor, cost-effective system which has a very small and compact footprint; and FASTRAK, a four-sensor system which has been the number one selling electromagnetic tracker for over 12 years running. Communications for all systems include RS-232 and a high speed USB interface, at no extra cost.

Contact sales@polhemus.com for more information.