Polhemus Announces DeltaView™, Volume and Surface Measurement Software for the FastSCAN™ 3D Scanner

Posted: August 04, 2004

COLCHESTER, VT, (August 4, 2004)----Polhemus, the industry leader in 6 Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) motion capture, tracking and digitizing technologies, is proud to announce DeltaView™ software. Designed and developed specifically for working with files from FastSCAN™, the Polhemus three dimensional scanner, DeltaView quickly and easily calculates volume or surface measurements of complex three dimensional images for comparative analysis. 

The FastSCAN scanner projects a fan of laser light on an object while a camera views the laser and records the cross-sectional profiles. By combining motion tracking in the wand and with the processing unit connected via USB, the user reconstructs the full 3D surface of an object in real-time. 

Once FastSCAN files are loaded, DeltaView incorporates a simple intuitive graphical user interface that displays comparative dual windows for ease of use. The underlying engine of this interface is one of the most powerful three dimensional data processing programs available; the system performs landmark and highly accurate surface registration using proprietary techniques (patents pending). 

After registration is quickly defined, the user may then perform a number of analytical tasks: calculate and display a displacement map, calculate volume differences, interpolate over defects, calculate volumes of specific regions and make surface measurements. 

DeltaView can also be used to calculate a volume of a concave or convex defect on a single scan, such as an ulcer or keloid. This is done by smoothly interpolating across the selected defect to create a reference surface from which to calculate the related volume. 

Functionality, ease of use, performance and calculation accuracy make DeltaView the ultimate solution for analysis and recording of data from multifaceted three dimensional surfaces. DeltaView list price is $4,800.

Polhemus handheld three dimensional scanners
Above is a geographical color map of facial swelling after molar extraction.
Also shown are registration marks.

Polhemus provides the absolute best in time proven 3D position and orientation tracking, digitizing, eye tracking and handheld three-dimensional scanners. These products already are in wide use in such areas as medical applications, university research, military training and simulation and computer-aided design. DeltaView is a trademark of Applied Research Associates of New Zealand. Please contact sales@polhemus.com for additional information.