Polhemus Announces LIBERTY™ LATUS™ 6 Degree-of-Freedom Totally Wireless Tracking System

Posted: July 18, 2005

COLCHESTER, VT (July 18, 2005) ---- Polhemus, the industry leader in 6 Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) motion capture, tracking and digitizing technologies, is proud to announce the LIBERTY LATUS (Large Area Tracking Untethered System). This system represents a whole new dimension in tracking technology, one that offers a totally wireless, full 6DOF solution. The system has speed, ease-of-use via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is capable of tracking up to 12 independent markers over large areas at a rate of 94 or 188 updates per second. Each self contained marker is tracked in space by receptors each providing 8 foot diameter spherical coverage. Additional receptors can be arranged to cover an area of any shape. Each LIBERTY LATUS system is capable of connecting up to 16 receptors for coverage of hundreds of square feet. Systems may also be concatenated for even larger area coverage. 

Polhemus Liberty Latus Large Area Tracking Untethered SystemEasy, Intuitive User Interface: LIBERTY LATUS comes standard with Windows® 2000/XP GUI and a comprehensive, easy to use Software Developers Kit (SDK). The GUI allows four independent user definable profiles for setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, coordinate rotations and much more. This is a valuable feature for multiple applications or users. For visualization, an integrated motion box provides navigable points of view and can include text data. Additional features include a data record/playback component, plus the ability to quickly export data via Microsoft® "Named Pipe". 

The 2 oz. marker contains all necessary processing hardware including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery enclosed in a plastic shell. No interconnect wiring is required between markers: they operate as totally independent modules. The system is capable of accommodating up to 12 markers. The battery provides power for approximately 2 hours and is easily removed for recharging. The receptor is a high performance magnetic sensing array contained in a plastic shell. The receptor detects the magnetic fields emitted by the marker(s) for up to 8 feet (2.44m) in spherical diameter. Receptor cable length is 60 feet (18.3m). This lightweight, small cube can easily be mounted to almost any surface. The system is capable of accommodating up to 16 receptors for huge areas of total coverage. 

Incorporating state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics in concert with A/C magnetics provides the user with improved signal-to-noise ratios which increase range, stability, resolution and speed. The system is essentially unaffected by facility power grids or electric power motors and update rates are always maintained, allowing for consistent, high quality data. 

"The new LIBERTY LATUS highlights the commitment we have to our customer base. We appreciate their business and confidence which has helped us maintain the leadership role in driving the advancement of 6DOF tracking technology," Polhemus President and CEO Al Rodgers said. "The latest LIBERTY system is proof of that commitment – LATUS delivers truly wireless full 6DOF drift free tracking over large areas and without significant distortion issues. Distortion mapping is not required with this system. An 800 sq. ft. area can be setup and operational in less than one hour." 

The Polhemus LIBERTY series, in combination with our workhorse of the industry, FASTRAK®, and our cost-effective PATRIOT™ system, provides the customer with a full line of products to meet various tracking requirements and budget constraints.

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