Polhemus Announces The Latest Addition in “The LIBERTY™ Series” 6 Degree-of-Freedom Tracking Product

Posted: May 10, 2004

COLCHESTER, VT (May 10, 2004)----Polhemus, the industry leader in 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) motion capture, tracking and digitizing technologies, is proud to announce the LIBERTY™ 240/16, a 16 sensor capable motion tracking system which is the latest 6DOF tracking product in the LIBERTY series. As in other LIBERTY products, this new system represents a quantum leap in new technology and state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics. LIBERTY has speed (240 Hz per sensor), ease of use via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), scalability and improved signal to noise ratios which increase stability and resolution while providing consistent high quality data. The combination of all these attributes clearly positions LIBERTY as the forerunner in electromagnetic tracking technology offering significant improvements over competitive systems. 

A four sensor channel board is available on the base product and is easily user upgradeable by adding additional four-sensor channel cards up to a total of 16 sensors. Any user who can install a sound card in a PC can perform the upgrade to a LIBERTY 240/16 system, saving time and expense. 

Price per sensor makes the LIBERTY series by far the most affordable, easiest to upgrade, simplest to use, quietest and fastest 6DOF tracker on the market today. And LIBERTY comes standard with both a serial I/O RS-232 and a high speed USB interface, at no extra cost, to keep up with the voluminous rate of tracking data produced. 

"The new LIBERTY 240/16 highlights the commitment we have to our customer base. We appreciate their business and confidence which has helped us maintain the leadership role in driving the advancement of 6DOF tracking technology," Polhemus President and CEO Allan Rodgers said. "The latest LIBERTY series is proof of that commitment." 

The LIBERTY Series comes standard with Windows 2000/XP GUI and a comprehensive, easy to use Software Developers Kit (SDK). The GUI allows four independent user definable profiles for setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, coordinate rotations and many more. This is a valuable feature for multiple applications or users. For visualization, an integrated motion box provides navigable points of view and can include text data. Additional features include a data record/playback component, plus the capability to quickly export data via Microsoft® "Named Pipe". 

Each LIBERTY sensor is able to independently detect distortion within the environment, alerting the user to make appropriate changes if necessary. Resolution is better than 0.001 inch and 0.01 degrees, absolute accuracy is better than 0.03 inches RMS for the X, Y and Z position and 0.15 degrees RMS for rotation. Latency is less than four milliseconds for all sensors simultaneously. Range is in excess of five feet and can be substantially extended with the use of optional sources. 

The Polhemus LIBERTY series, in combination with our workhorse of the industry, FASTRAK®, and our cost-effective PATRIOT™ system, provides the customer with a full line of products to meet various tracking requirements and budget constraints. 

Polhemus provides the absolute best in time proven 3D position and orientation tracking, digitizing, eye tracking and handheld three-dimensional scanners. These products already are in wide use in such areas as medical applications, university research, military training and simulation and computer-aided design. Please contact sales@polhemus.com for additional information.

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