Polhemus Releases Unity® Scripts for Motion Tracking Systems

Posted: April 13, 2016

COLCHESTER, VT--- (April 13, 2016) Polhemus, the global leader in precision motion tracking, has released a Unity® scripts package for use with its motion tracking products. The package will enhance capabilities for current and future users of Polhemus motion tracking systems, creating an additional development tool for customers to explore more possibilities via integration with Unity projects. 

The PLStream package gives Unity® developers runtime access to 6DOF data captured by Polhemus tracking systems. The package contains the PLStream.cs C# script, an example scene, and a Windows® executable “UnityExport” with supporting libraries. 

UnityExport connects to the following Polhemus tracking systems: LIBERTY™, PATRIOT™, FASTRAK® and G4™, and exports raw tracker data to a UDP socket. The script captures the UDP data and parses it to a common interface found in the PLSteam class. Unity® version 5.2.1 or higher is required.

Polhemus President, Skip Rodgers, commented, “The Unity® scripts package is an important addition for enabling customization for Polhemus tracking system users. It represents our commitment to meeting our customer’s needs, as well as supporting the vast community of Unity® users.”

Visit the Polhemus website for a free download of the Unity® scripts package:

About Polhemus
Headquartered in Colchester, Vermont, Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company. They have been helping customers break new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom electromagnetic tracking systems for over 40 years. Polhemus products are widely used in such areas as medical applications, university research, military training and simulation, military aircraft, computer-aided design, virtual reality, and high-tech entertainment.

Contact the Sales Department directly at sales@polhemus.com or call 1-800-357-4777 toll-free in US/Canada. For countries outside the US, call 1-802-655-3159. To visit our web site or read more about the company history, go to: http://polhemus.com/company/history/

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