PowerTRAK 360™

Polhemus PowerTRAK 360 and G4

The Handheld Device That Tracks Position and Orientation

6DOF Motion Tracking in the Palm of Your Hand

PowerTRAK 360 is a powerful 3D handheld mouse that comes equipped with a user-defined button pack for maximum flexibility. With four discrete inputs, this provides users with many different options for button press capabilities and tremendous programming flexibility. Used in tandem with the Polhemus G4, PowerTRAK 360 provides the user additional control, delivering true 6 Degree-Of-Freedom motion tracking that fits in the palm of your hand.

We Don't Play Games

Polhemus PowerTRAK 360 is not your typical remote device, such as those designed for gaming. This device provides a superior level of tracking, providing precision accuracy for both position and orientation, without latency issues found in other devices. The Polhemus proprietary technology behind PowerTRAK 360, along with the entire Polhemus product line, is based in electromagnetics. The technology tracks seamlessly through people, objects, and most walls. Line-of-sight is not required since the technology does not utilize any cameras. This provides
much flexibility in setting up your environment.

System Set Up

Setting up the PowerTRAK 360 is simple and intuitive. The device plugs into one of three G4 hub inputs, leaving two additional inputs for sensors. The user is untethered and unrestrained for complete freedom of movement.

PowerTRAK 360Affordable and Scalable

PowerTRAK 360 provides an affordable option for a highly accurate 3D mouse, and the device is scalable, just like the G4 system. To increase capabilites, users can add additional devices to match the number of hubs being used. The systems will work seamlessly in the same environment, without cross-talk interference.

Sleek Design -- Powerful Performace

PowerTRAK 360 sports a sleek design and form factor, and is simple to use and lightweight, yet delivers unsurpassed accuracy as a 3D pointing device.
Weight: Approx. 1.30 oz. (37.0gm) without the cable; Approx. 1.76 oz. (50.0gm) with cable


PowerTRAK 360, in conjunction with G4, is useful for a wide array of markets and users, including research, health care, and military training and simulation applications. Applications that require a simple set-up and the flexibility of a true, 3D handheld mouse will benefit from the G4 and PowerTRAK 360 combination.

  • CAVES and power walls
  • Manipulating 3D CAD data
  • Reviewing 3D medical images
  • Presenting 3D architectural drawings and renderings
  • Intuitive interface for 3D command and control maps