Innovation Award

Posted: September 28, 2008

Polhemus is proud to have received the Innovation Award within the 2008 Top Training and Simulation Companies selected by Military Training Technology Magazine. The list of Top Training and Simulation companies is selected from around the world. These companies are selected because they have made a significant impact on the military training industry across the spectrum of technologies - distance learning, living training, virtual and constructive simulation, modeling and others.

Polhemus Wins Innovation Award for Training and SimulationAt Polhemus, it is our mission to give customers the power to break new ground through innovative, cost-effective enabling technologies for the real and virtual world.  We engineer and manufacture specialized 6 Degree-of-Freedom warrior and weapon tracking input devices necessary for today's Future Force Warrior to train more effectively.  Polhemus brings over 40 years of corporate history, patented technology, and success to the military and commercial marketplaces.

Polhemus directly engineers and manufactures within the United States 6 Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) trackers. The War Fighter wears the tracker as an input device to the training scenario. For example; a small and lightweight tracker is worn on the head to track line-of-sight and head position; worn on the body to track warrior position within a scenario and input body posture and movements.  The tracker provides the technical system inputs to determine the warrior's heading and if he/she is standing, crawling, crouching, moving left or right, forward or back.

This technology directly impacts both ground and vehicle based fighting forces. Whether tracking a pilot's head in a fighter for accurate weapons cueing; measuring infantry tactical and weapon handling techniques; simulating the use of a 50 cal. on the roof of an armored vehicle; or countless other scenarios, Polhemus provides the accurate sensor for success.

In 2008 Polhemus proudly launched the groundbreaking wireless 6DOF tracking system called SCOUT. Highly affordable, SCOUT directly improves the value of training scenarios by reducing the negative training impact often caused by traditional wired/corded systems. This means many traditional wires being run to head mounted displays, a warrior's hands, virtual reality training weapons, night vision goggles and other gear can now be eliminated allowing more realistic freedom of movement (no more joysticks on weapons to create movement).  SCOUT is priced to minimally impact program budget restraints and is now being used by primes as well as smaller military and commercially focused businesses.

SCOUT (patents pending) is the product of dedicated hard work and many technical achievements. This product breakthrough has elevated our proprietary technology to a new height, offering our customers capability not previously available.

Polhemus, a small business, is focused on providing innovative products which meet and exceed the requirements of today's Future Fighting Forces.  We manufacture high quality, solution oriented, products that are both affordable in the near-term and cost effective over the life cycle of the program. We firmly believe our technological advancement and the additional capability it provides will help to increase the preparedness of our warriors as they train for critical success missions.