Polhemus Receives Chinese Approval for G4

Posted: October 06, 2011

COLCHESTER, VT (October 6, 2011)---Polhemus has received official approval that their newest product, G4™ has passed all necessary inspections from the SRRC (State Radio Regulation Center) in accordance with the “Radio Regulations on the People’s Republic of China” and “Provisional Measures on the Management of Import of Mechanical and Electrical Products.” G4 is the latest in AC Electromagnetic Tracking Technology, and is now officially approved for sale in China. It is already available in 33 countries, including the U.S., Canada, select countries in Latin America, and many countries throughout Europe, including Spain, France, and Germany.

Polhemus G4 system electronics motion trackerThe much anticipated G4 has been met with great enthusiasm, with high demand largely due to its combination of features and affordability. The system maintains the consistency and accuracy that Polhemus tracking technology is known for, delivering the power of larger, more expensive systems, but at a significantly smaller size—and price.
Lightweight and portable, the G4 system electronics unit is just the size of a mobile phone, and is ideal for dynamic and changing environments, where easy set-up is critical and freedom of movement is an absolute necessity. Customers anticipating the release of G4 include those from the medical, military and research and technology markets--for applications ranging from physical therapy, biomechanics, sports analysis, training and simulation, virtual reality and beyond.
Polhemus President and CEO, Al Rodgers says, “We’re excited about bringing G4 to the Chinese market; it creates new avenues for advancement throughout the world of motion measurement. The affordability of G4, coupled with superior performance, wireless communication, scalability, and a compact design opens more doors for usability than ever before.”

About Polhemus

Headquartered in Colchester, Vermont, Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company. They have been helping customers break new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom tracking systems for over 40 years. Polhemus products are widely used in such areas as medical applications, university research, military training and simulation, military aircraft and computer-aided design.
Contact the sales department directly at sales@polhemus.com or call 1-800-357-4777 toll-free in US/Canada. For countries outside the US, call 1-802-655-3159. Visit our web site at www.polhemus.com. For more information on G4 visit: http://polhemus.com/motion-tracking/wireless/g4.

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