Polhemus Motion Trackers Expand Virtual Reality Game Engine and Application Support with OSVR

Posted: August 01, 2017

COLUMBIA, MD, August 1, 2017 – Sensics, the developers of groundbreaking Virtual Reality (VR) products and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), announced today a new partnership with Polhemus, the premier motion measurement technology company. Polhemus tracking systems are now integrated into the OSVR software platform and this integration allows users to get optimized game engine plugins and compatibility with a very wide range of VR applications.

Polhemus is known for its award-winning proprietary technology, AC Electromagnetics. The technology is able to track a wide variety of objects, as well as people, by attaching small, lightweight sensors to selected tracking points. The Polhemus systems are unique, as there are no line-of-sight restrictions, allowing for continuous tracking. The 6DOF sensors are perfect for finger and hand tracking, head tracking, or embedding into an object or custom form factor.  

 “This partnership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offer enterprise VR customers the widest range of cutting-edge technologies so they can create new experiences with ease,” said Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “For many years, Polhemus has created sensors that support demanding applications and environments. Together we can help customers simplify and accelerate VR innovation without worrying about device-specific APIs.”

“We are excited to integrate into the OSVR platform and thus provide our customers immediate access to all leading engines including Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, WebVR, SteamVR and others.” said Skip Rodgers, President of Polhemus. “Our customers value high-quality, robust tracking systems, and they appreciate options for simple integrations. The use of the open-source OSVR platform enables this with ease. We are excited to join the ever-growing OSVR community.”

About Polhemus

Headquartered in Colchester, Vermont, Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company. They have been helping customers break new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom electromagnetic tracking systems for over 40 years. Polhemus products are widely used in such areas as medical applications, medical training and simulation, university research, military training and simulation, military aircraft, computer-aided design, virtual reality, and high-tech entertainment. For more information on Polhemus motion tracking systems, visit www.polhemus.com, or contact: sales@polhemus.com.

About Sensics

Sensics provides technologies, products and expertise that brings companies’ VR dreams to life, offering them the missing pieces needed to develop groundbreaking solutions faster. Sensics delivers high-performance off-the-shelf products and customized “white label” designs, working with the most innovative technology partners in the world to develop VR experiences for gaming, healthcare, entertainment, training, education and more.

 About OSVR

OSVR™ – Open Source Virtual Reality – is an ecosystem founded by Sensics and Razer towards creating the best possible game experience. The OSVR software platform is a cross-platform middleware layer that connects applications and game engines to hundreds of VR display, input and output devices using a common universal interface. This thriving global ecosystem enables choice and innovation for those deploying VR for the most sophisticated applications to the simplest scenarios. Visit www.osvr.org for more information.


Polhemus Media Contact:

Pam Staub Pelino

1-802-655-3159 ext. 236