Polhemus Releases Completely Embeddable Micro Sensors for FASTRAK Motion Tracking System

Posted: March 07, 2017

COLCHESTER, VT--- (3/7/2017) Polhemus, the global industry leader in motion tracking, announces the release of Micro Sensors 1.8™ for the Polhemus FASTRAK®, the 6DOF electromagnetic system that set the industry standard in motion tracking. The Micro Sensors are completely embeddable with no line-of-sight requirements. Paired with FASTRAK, the most widely used and trusted tracking system around the globe, this broadens the scope of capabilities significantly for the FASTRAK motion tracking system.

Up to four Micro Sensors can be used with FASTRAK, Measuring only 1.8 millimeters OD (Outer Diameter), the sensors are small and lightweight and easily attach to fingers, hands, eyeglasses, or other objects with Polhemus Micro Mounts. The Micro Sensors track both position and orientation and do not require line-of-sight, as no cameras are involved. Micro Sensors can be embedded in a custom form factor or even worn under gloves for completely seamless tracking.

With an update rate as fast as 120 Hz, FASTRAK with Micro Sensors delivers real-time data (4 milliseconds latency) with zero drift. The full system requires no user calibration and sets up in a matter of minutes. Micro Sensors come in Standard or Extra Flex options, depending on your application needs.

The FASTRAK system is currently used in a variety of ways, including medical applications, flight simulation, and a wide array of research applications, such as neuroscience, biomechanics, ergonomics and more. For applications where a tiny, embeddable sensor is ideal FASTRAK is a great tracking system option, with its impressive update rate and capability to handle up to four sensors.

“The release of Micro Sensors 1.8 for FASTRAK is something our customers have been asking for, and we listened and delivered. Our FASTRAK motion tracking system has a strong legacy, as it set the standard in the tracking industry. Pairing it with small Micro Sensors that are fully embeddable gives users more options and opens up the application possibilities further,” Skip Rodgers, President, Polhemus.

About Polhemus

Headquartered in Colchester, Vermont, Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company. They have been helping customers break new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom electromagnetic tracking systems for over 40 years. Polhemus products are widely used in such areas as medical applications, university research, military training and simulation, military aircraft, computer-aided design, virtual reality, and high-tech entertainment.

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